Silks - Hoop - Kids

Mando has been training aerial arts for 12 years and has taught all over Orange County for the last 10 years.  His journey began after he was invited by a friend to try and class and he never came down from the silks.

He performs as a stilt walker, and aerialist for multiple talent agencies. His expertise includes breaking down movements, providing his students with detailed explanations as well as a master at spotting and teaching safety in the air.

Get to know Mando

How was your first aerial class and what made you go back? 

It was fun and I was very intrigued by how unique this form of physical activity was.

What is your favorite apparatus, and why?

Silk. It has a unique versatility that opens itself to different styles of performing; from poses to drops, and strength to flexibility moves, silk has something for every aerialist.

Why do you enjoy teaching?

I like helping ppl grow.

What makes Urban Aerial Fitness Special?

The culture.

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